Blue Nose Pitbulls

Blue Nose pit bull puppies are some of the most active dogs you can buy, which is great for families who like to stay active. If you like to stay at home, Blue Nose pitbulls might not be the dog for you. Owners looking for a Blue Nose should live close to a park , be willing to make a drive to bring them to a large sized area for play or have a nice sized yard for the dog to run and play around in. That’s key to raising a puppy that will behave and respect your home and your property, otherwise it will take all that energy out on your things.

We are full time Blue Nose pitbull breeders who understand the time and energy that goes into raising these beautiful dogs. Part of our process getting to know you will be to listen to what kind of companion you want, and why you think a pitbull is for you. Pitbulls are very unique among dogs. They seem to have human emotions, and will become upset when left alone for too long sometimes you’ll begin to see weight gain, less activity and an irritable temperament. They are able to be kenneled in a crate while you are at work but once you get home they should be taken on a long walk to get their mental and physical energy drained.

Any dog will require some love and attention, but the pitbull is a good dog for bonding. He or she needs to be walked daily, given time to play and given lots of attention. If you like cuddlers, the Blue Nose is a perfect addition to your family.

We only sell puppies we never sell our adults and every Blue Nose pitbull puppy for sale has been exposed to humans and as much of the natural environment as possible. Stil any puppy can be very emotional. Humans may notice some irrational behavior, like stubbornness or a difficulty listening. That is a good signal for how your dog is feeling. Try to resist the urge to be stern, and instead respond with compassion. Just like a human puppy can be upset by words or actions. You can avoid the canine silent treatment by always giving your dog the respect it deserves.