Red Nose Pitbulls

The Red Nose American pitbull dog for sale that you will find at Iron King Kennels has been specially bred for its wonderful coloring. Red Nose pitbulls are gorgeous dogs, from their beautiful eyes, to the incredibly lovely color of their coat. Red nose pitbulls have a very long history and were mainly known to be only working or high drive dogs. We have bred ours in a way to make sure they are the perfect family dogs and even though they maintain the athleticism confidence and loyalty that pitbulls are known for they dont have that never ending drive that old school pitbulls were known for and have become again the perfect family dog

Most Red Nose pitbull breeders specialize in Reds. We breed both Blue and Red and although we used to consider blue our specialty we have expanded our horizons and have become experts in not just blues and reds but every color that pitbulls can be!

The red-nosed pit bull is similar to the blue-nosed pit bull, but there are just a few differences between the two beysides the color of thier coats. The red-nosed bully pitbull originally cam from ireland from Ireland. It came to America in the 1800's with owners who probably kept them as pets and working dogs. Even though that original line faded over time, many still hvae this color even though they have lost alot of popularity since the rise of blue pitbulls which is why Red Nose pitbulls are more rare today. It has become difficult to breed a Red Nose pitbull that has the qualities breeders look for because the lack of other breeders and stock but we have a full line that was bred at Iron King Kennels that no one else can reproduce and has one of a kind pedigrees!