XL & XXL pitbulls

Here at Iron King Kennels, we mainly specialize in Blue Nose XXL pitbull puppies for sale but have a full spectrum of sizes and colors to choose from. We have males from 95 pounds to 135 pounds and females 70 pounds  to 110 pounds But size isn't important to us and although we do like bigger dogs the most important thing is the structure , health and temperament of the dogs we produce. Our dogs have been bred for certain qualities we want to pass on. Many of our dogs and the dogs we have produced have become champions and won awards and top honors for their  structure and beauty ,Both male and female.

Both our Red and Blue Nose pitbull puppies for sale as well as all our puppies come from a stock bred not just for the size of their head, chest, muscle structure, shape of the ears, color and more but to give our customers the best pitbull that money can buy! We are able to do this because we are full time breeders and are more hands on with our puppies that almost any other breeder because its not just about the looks of the dog , we want you to have a well mannered dog as well. Everything about our dogs has been the result of more than ten years of dedication to the art and craft of breeding XL bully pitbulls. Although we do have many varieties, the XL is truly a sight to behold.

Our XL pitbulls for sale and all of our dogs have been raised to have a soft temperament, and are already great with kids and other animals by the time they are ready to come home to you. Which we think is one of the most important things in this breed. They were originally known to be nanny dogs and we are trying to keep that same image with our dogs. The dogs are able to play with our children on our 5 acre ranch and you can truly see they are happy.